Eric – Cadillac Break Down “I love my 1979 Cadillac but I know that it needs a lot of maintenance and repair. It stops, breaks down, doesn’t always work yet it’s my baby. Thanks to Towing Dallas, I’ve found an … Read more

Tim Livingston 3/5/2008

Tim Livingston, tire fix experience Excellent tire fix. The technicians explained everything to me step by step, so if I get stuck with another flat in the future, I’ll know how to safely and properly put on my spare. That … Read more

Carolina Gomez 7/15/2008

Carolina Gomez 7/15/2008 Just wanted to say thanks again to Delta Towing Dallas for quickly and easily towing my car to the mechanic garage at 2 in the morning. Your customer service reps informed me on the driver’s status every … Read more

Leslie Ritter 2/1/2009

Leslie Ritter in Dallas Tx My car broke down while I was on the 1-35 heading into Dallas and I was truly panicked. Delta Towing was reassuring and arrived within 20 minutes. Instead of towing my car right away, they … Read more

Michael Goldman 8/20/2009

Michael Goldman When I was locked out of my Acura TL 2005 and when I called up the dealership, it was a hefty price of $200 and they weren’t able to program new keys for me that day. When I … Read more