Emergency Tools to have in Your Car

More often than not, going out for a drive ends as intended. However, sometimes, an innocent drive can turn into an ordeal. Roadside emergencies happen all the time and pose a great challenge to drivers. Some items though, can turn … Read more

Available towing in Dallas

A Day in The Life of a Tow Truck Driver

Most of you probably don’t know what the tow truck driving life entails, and it’s not like our tow truck drivers are in the position to brag about it, either. However, what most people are not aware of is that … Read more


Towing Dallas Infographic

Here are our most requested services in the greater area of Dallas

increase car security

Increasing Car Security

It’s July and that also means Watch Your Car Month in the state of Texas. Texans beware, the chances of your vehicle getting stolen are at the highest during the summertime month of July. It should be a no-brainer to … Read more

towing services

Long Distance Towing Tips

You need to send your car away. Far away. And you won’t be able to drive it there. This may seem strange, because isn’t that what your car is for, to get you places? But in many cases car owners … Read more


Essential Car Checks Before Taking a Drive

Taking the car out for a drive usually turns into a fun filled adventure. As you hit the road, the sky opens up in front of you and everything seems possible and within your grasp. However, this beautiful image and … Read more