Emergency Tools to have in Your Car

More often than not, going out for a drive ends as intended. However, sometimes, an innocent drive can turn into an ordeal. Roadside emergencies happen all the time and pose a great challenge to drivers. Some items though, can turn a difficult and trying situation into a minor inconvenience, or at least, a bearable one.

stuck on the side of the road

This is even more important during winter, when our great city of Dallas can be quite snowy and cold. Here’s a short list of important emergency tools and items to have in your car, just in case:

  • First aid kit – this is the number one item you should have in your vehicle for any emergency or need. First aid kits include the required bear necessities should someone get hurt and might be in need for fast treatment.
  • A couple of spare bottles of water – if you happen to get stuck with your vehicle after a storm, for example, knee deep in snow, you don’t know how long it would be till help arrives to the rescue, or even if you have a cellular connection to call for help, for that matter. It is important to stay hydrated if there’s a long wait ahead of you. Some canned food will also be nice, but there’s no doubt water is much more important.
  • A flashlight and extra batteries – light is essential when you’re stuck, and if it’s a long wait you might not want to drain your car battery. A flashlight and extra batteries will get the job done and make the wait much more endurable.
  • Reflective jacket and reflective triangle – whenever you get stuck with your car in the middle of the road you should immediately put on your reflective jacket to increase your visibility and position your reflective triangle a safe distance from your car, to warn oncoming traffic something’s going on.
  • Sand bag and shovel – in case your car is stuck in deep snow, spreading sand around the wheels increases friction and helps the car climb out of the snow. A shovel is also handy in clearing away snow from around your wheels.
  • Ice scraper – ice is a big problem maker during the cold wintery weather, as it creates a blurry and dangerous coat on your windshields, making it dangerous to drive. An ice scraper can quite easily peel off a substantial amount of accumulated ice and allow you to see more clearly.

Safety First

Remember guys, before you get on the road, prepare your vehicle for emergencies. Sooner or later, roadside emergencies happen. Having the right tools could make a difference.