Essential Car Checks Before Taking a Drive

Taking the car out for a drive usually turns into a fun filled adventure. As you hit the road, the sky opens up in front of you and everything seems possible and within your grasp. However, this beautiful image and intoxicating sensation comes to an abrupt stop if your car decides to break down right then and there.

In order to prevent such ordeals from befalling you, try adhering to these few simple pointers and guidelines that specify a few important things to check before going out on a drive:

  • Oil and water levels – check oil levels periodically but especially before a long trip. Lack of oil can cause serious engine problems.
  • Engine coolant – make sure your car has enough coolant fluid to keep the engine’s temperature at bay. Since the coolant transfers heat from your engine elsewhere, if you don’t have enough coolant your engine can overheat and ruin what might have been a perfect trip.
  • Tire air pressure – make sure each and every tire is sufficiently inflated. Consult your car’s manual if you’re not sure how much your tires need to be inflated. Make sure to also check that your spare tire is also sufficiently inflated and ready for use should the need arise.
  • Leaks – before heading out look under your car to check for visible leaks. Leaks usually don’t mean good things and should you spot a leak consult a mechanic before setting out.
  • Lights – make sure your car’s lights are in good working order. This is necessary not only for night trips but also for day trips. Check your front lights, your rear lights, your break lights, and your directional lights both on the front and on the back end of your car. Also make sure that your emergency vehicle lighting is operational.
  • Additional emergency equipment – there are some things you might need while on the road. Before going on a trip make sure you have a warning triangle to alert other drivers and oncoming traffic that something is wrong. Verify that you have a lifting jack in your car and that you can easily retrieve your spare tire for any case that may be.
  • Get a sense of the road – if you’re going on a long drive make sure to get familiarized with the road ahead. Modern technology offers sufficient ways to do this without leaving the comfort of your home. Getting to know the road in advance may prevent a couple of unwanted surprises.

Essential Car Checks

In short, a terrifically planned road trip can live to fill up your expectations. You need only to follow these couple of simple steps. Have a great ride!